Public Welfare

While achieving its own steady development, Chairman Liu Hanyuan and Tongwei Group always adhere to the high social responsibility as a successful enterpreneur and a successful enterprise, are concerned about people's livelihood, never forget where their happiness comes from, give back to the great kindness of all walks of life, and actively participate in the social and public welfare undertakings, the Guangcai Program and the Siyuan Project. To this day, the total of all kinds of donation and contribution of Tongwei Group has exceeded 350 million.

Since 2007, Tongwei Group has taken an active part in the activities of "China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation" initiated by China National Democratic Construction Association, independently established "China Siyuan Project-Sunshine Plan" , and it donates RMB 5 million for the implementation of "China Siyuan Project-Sunshine Plan" and has donated RMB 50 million in total for ten years. At present, it has successively completed several solar photovoltaic power stations in Sichuan Litang, Xinjiang Fukang and other places, and has provided high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly living power utility for economic less-developed areas.

On June 1, 2017, on the 10th anniversary of the implementation of "Siyuan-Sunshine Plan", Li Siyu, the Chairman of the Labour Union of Tongwei Group, conveyed greeting to the teachers and students of No.6 Tongwei Middle School of Deyang City and took a group photo.

Tongwei donates RMB 5million every year and
has donated RMB 50 million in total for ten years.
It establishes "China Siyuan Project-Sunshine Plan"
The photovoltaic power station established with
RMB 15 million donation of Tongwei Group was
inaugurated in Xinjiang Fukang Industrial Park.
After Wenchuan Earthquake happened, Liu Hanyuan, the
Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Tongwei Group,
donated RMB 12 million in the first time
Tongwei Group donated and built the project
of solar power generation in Litang
Three sets of off-grid PV power generation system
donated by Tongwei Group have ended the no electricity history
in the cold and high attitude region
The Green-river Association has awarded Tongwei Group
"the Public Spirited Enterprise" to honor Tongwei's great contributions
to preserving the environment of Qinghai-Tibet Highway
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